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Lollipop Cutters

Lollipop Cutters

Think you know Lollipop Cutters? Think again!

Think you know Lollipop Cutters?

You’re likely to find Lollipop Cutters in your standard tooling catalogue… but they don’t also do what you need them to do. Did you know that our expertly manufactured Lollipop Cutters are able to cut to a 220-degree angle? This is something catalogue versions are not capable of doing.

lolipop img 1
lolipop img 2
lolipop img 3
lolipop img 4
Above: Examples of the Lollipop Cutters produced using our state-of-the-art technologies

Key Benefits

  • Can go through a variety of special materials
  • Can be coated
  • Available as two flute or multi-flute
  • Can help you achieve a better finish than with milling-type cutters
  • Can be used for multiple applications

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